Read the Systems Engineering Volume 26 Issue 1 Editor’s Choice Paper

    The Editors of Systems Engineering are pleased to announce our Editor’s Choice paper for Volume 26 Issue 1 January 2023.

    Towards Developing Metrics to Evaluate Digital Engineering

    Kaitlin Henderson, Tom McDermott, Eileen Van Aken, Alejandro Salado

    This paper presents a measurement framework for selecting and developing appropriate metrics to assess the value and benefits of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) and subsequently digital Engineering (DE). The authors believe a concerted effort across the industry to focus on measuring these variables is the most effective way to establish proof of the value of MBSE and DE.

    This open access paper is a must read for anyone interesting in MBSE and digital engineering.

    The January 2023 issue of Systems Engineering also includes papers on topics of quantitative validation of complex system integration principles, integration of systems design and risk management through model-based methods, combining dimensional analysis with MBSE, systems engineering applied to urban planning and development, and evaluating perceived value, metrics, and evidence of MBSE.