Webinar 165: Data – Driven Systems Engineering

     Meeting Title: Data – Driven Systems Engineering

    Presenter Name: Steven Dam

    Date: Wednesday 16 August 2023

    Time EDT: 11:00am-12:00pm EDT (3:00pm-4:00pm UTC)

    INCOSE Webinar 165 Invitation


    Data-Driven Systems Engineering (DDSE) is defined by Dr. Warren Vaneman as “the formalized development, exchange, correlation, validation and verification, and management of data, derived from multiple sources, processes, and tools to support system design and analysis, throughout all phases of the system lifecycle.” DDSE in MBSE goes beyond just modeling … it provides a means to capture all aspects of systems engineering and program management, including cost, schedule, performance, and risk.

    Dr. Dam’s invention of the full lifecycle MBSE solution, Innoslate, takes every diagram you develop and creates objects and relationships in a database to maintain an authoritative source of truth and for the auto-generation of diagrams and reports. This capability is accomplished through the use of the Lifecycle Modeling Language (LML), which provides an ontology for SysML and enables the use of SysML modeling as a means to create and capture information.

    LML supports the full lifecycle: conceptual, utilization, support, and retirement stages. It integrates all lifecycle disciplines including program management, systems and design engineering, V&V, deployment, and maintenance into one framework. LML is the language of the future, bringing simplicity and the data into focus.



    Steven H. Dam, Ph.D., ESEP, President of SPEC Innovations, has been involved with research, experiments, operations analysis, software development, systems engineering, and training for more than 40 years. Dr. Dam earned a B.S. in physics from George Mason University and a Ph.D. in physics from the University of South Carolina. He is the author of four systems engineering-based books, including his most recent: “Real MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering Using LML and Innoslate”. He currently applies SE techniques to various DoD, DOE, and commercial projects.

    Dr. Dam is a long-time member of INCOSE, receiving this year’s INCOSE Founder’s Award. He was formerly the president of the San Diego Chapter before relocating to the D.C. area. Dr. Dam has presented numerous papers and seminars to the Washington Metropolitan Area (WMA) Chapter of INCOSE, is a past president of the WMA Chapter, and a past Director for the Americas for INCOSE. He holds an Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP) Certification from INCOSE.


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