NAFEMS World Congress NWC23

    Welcome to a World of Engineering Simulation.

    The NAFEMS World Congress 2023 in Tampa, Florida, USA, will bring the global engineering simulation community back together again in person, from 15-18 May. We’ll be pushing the technology forward creating a cross-industry, cross-technology exchange of ideas, best practice, and information like never before, whilst getting down to the business of what we all strive for; making simulation ever better and ever more accessible.

    This is the NWC you know, but this time, it’s bigger, better and bolder.

    Simulation is now right at the forefront of the product design process – and we’re bringing it right to the top of your agenda with three days of outstanding simulation content, delivered by experts and thought-leaders from the community, ushering in the next generation of simulation


    We’re looking at every aspect of engineering modelling, analysis & simulation.

    We have put together an extensive list of relevant topics, but even that is not exhaustive. In addition, please find below some topics we are focus on are:

    • Engineering Data Science
    • Autonomous Vehicles
    • Electrification
    • Reduced Order Modelling
    • Particle Methods
    • Digital Twins
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Simulation Supporting Certification
    • Designer Oriented Simulation
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • ICME
    • Simulation Data Management

      If you don’t see your topic on any of these lists, just contact us at and ask if your proposed abstract is relevant.


      We want your 300-word abstract for presentation in Tampa. If you’re reading this, then the paper you’re thinking of is probably relevant. If you don’t see your topic on any of the list below, just contact us at and ask if your proposed abstract is relevant.

      Abstract length: 300 words

      Submission deadline: 25 Nov. 2022

      Important Dates: 

      Abstract Submission: 25 Nov. 2022

      Author Notification: 20 Dec. 2022

      Preliminary Agenda: 20 Jan. 2023

      Extended Abstract Submission: 27 Jan. 2023

      For more information, visit: