INCOSE LatAm: Maximizing the value of the digital transformation in engineering organizations

    Meeting Title: Maximizing the value of the digital transformation in engineering organizations

    Douglas Orellana, PhD.

    Primary Language: Spanish

    : 5 October 2023

    Time: 7 pm ARG / 7 pm CHI / 5 pm COL / 5 pm PER / 4 pm CDMX

    Location: Zoom –


    Maximizing the value of the digital transformation in engineering organizations In order to meet emerging requirements, engineering organizations must take advantage of digital engineering to modernize the analysis of current and future requirements and solutions of complex systems in terms of their functionality, performance, safety, sustainability, flexibility and scalability. Digital technologies such as multidisciplinary analysis, optimization and digital twins give us the opportunity to explore the problem and solution space by accelerating design cycles from tens to hundreds of solutions. This talk will discuss the evolution of Digital Engineering, its application and how it is transforming organizations now and in the future.


    Douglas Orellana, PhD. With more than a decade of experience in organizational transformation, systems engineering and technology integration, Dr. Douglas Orellana is responsible for digital transformation and systems engineering modernization, developing a new generation of solutions for ManTech using advanced computing, modeling & simulation, automation and artificial intelligence. As vice president of Intelligent Systems Engineering, he leads the strategy to position ManTech as a leader in “Digital Engineering” and “Digital Twins.” Dr. Orellana has worked for various US companies as an engineer and architect of complex systems, holding various positions with increasing authority spanning the life cycle of various systems from concept development to verification. Dr. Orellana has his BS in Electrical Engineering and his MS in Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He completed his PhD in Astronautical Engineering at the University of Southern California, where his research focused on integrating human considerations into the systems architecture process using Model Based Systems Engineering and ontologies

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