Crossroads of America Chapter: Organizational Challenges of Data Interoperability and Re-use Through the Lifecycle

    Organizational Challenges of Data Interoperability and Re-use Through the Lifecycle

    Presented by

    INCOSE’s Crossroads of America Chapter

    14 November 2023 

    6PM – 7:30PM Eastern USA

    Data interoperability ad re-use through the lifecycle is still a vexing challenge for most organizations, whether it is prompted by engineering changes, legacy platforms, or merger and acquisition. Being able to define a digital product definition able to be used by functions outside the engineering domain is critical to a model-based enterprise and adoption of I4.0 methods and tools. However, the ability to do this is often disrupted or impeded by organizational or software changes which cause the provenance chain of product and process data to be broken. This presentation will focus on addressing a holistic approach to model-based definition and the connectivity of information across the lifecycle. Biography: Nathan W. Hartman, Ed.D. Nathan Hartman is the Dauch Family Professor of Advanced Manufacturing int he School of Engineering Technology at Purdue University, and Director of the Digital Enterprise Center. Professor Hartman is also Co-Executive Director of the Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC). Professor Hartman’s research areas focus on the digital transformation of the manufacturing enterprise; tools and methods for model-based definition creation and use; and data interoperability and standards. Professor Hartman worked in industry for nearly eight years at Fairfield Manufacturing, Caterpillar, and Rand Worldwide prior to his time at Purdue University.

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