AFIS Annual Convention 2024 – Paris, France

    Date: 16-18 January 2024

    Time: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM CET (GMT +1)

    Venue: Cité Universitaire, Paris, France

    Primary Language: French


    The 27th Annual Congress of AFIS, chapter of INCOSE in France, is the meeting place for Systems Engineering in France.

    A place of exchange and debate for the community of Systems Engineers, which includes:

    1. The awarding of the IS Thesis Prize, which rewards three doctoral works of high scientific quality and with a real industrial interest,

    2. The final phase and award ceremony of the RobAFIS engineering competition to celebrate future generations of Systems Engineers,

    3. Roundtable discussions to discuss the future, our vision for the future of Systems Engineering,

    4. Conferences by Great Witnesses to enrich our debates and our vision,

    5. A Gala Dinner and networking moments to take the time to meet and exchange,

    6. Conferences presenting the new publications of the year, the fruit of our collective work.

    7. the possibility of taking the INCOSE certification exam

    After having been called ‘Seminar’, ‘Academies-Industry Meetings’, ‘Forum’, or ‘RobAFIS’, our events are grouped together in a single major annual meeting, an original format that allows us to meet every year in January.

    The return of our Congress in its original format allows us to reconnect with an annual meeting point, a place to share around progress in Systems Engin