Welkom op de website van INCOSE Nederland.

INCOSE staat voor: International Council on Systems Engineering. INCOSE is een non-profit vereniging opgericht in 1990 met als doel het bevorderen van de toepassing en ontwikkeling van Systems Engineering. Systems Engineering is een integrale en gestructureerde aanpak voor het realiseren van succesvolle systemen. Systems Engineers worden vaak ingezet bij het ontwerp van complexe systemen zoals vliegtuigen, treinen, auto's, software, defensieonderdelen, infrastructuur, etcetera.  Het besef dat Systems Engineering een veel breder toepassingsgebied heeft en van nut kan zijn voor allerlei type systemen - denk ook aan complexe processen en organisaties - was de aanleiding om INCOSE op te richten. 

INCOSE Nederland maakt deel uit van INCOSE International. In Nederland heeft INCOSE meer dan 400 leden. Lees hier meer over ons.

Het laatste nieuws

Nieuwe sponsor - High Tech Institute

High Tech Institute, aanbieder van advanced technische en leiderschap trainingen, nieuwe sponsor INCOSE-NL.

We zijn erg verheugd wederom een nieuwe sponsor te mogen verwelkomen en kijken er naar uit elkaar middels deze samenwerking de komen jaren te kunnen versterken!


Hieronder een toelichting op waar High Tech Institute voor staat.

We help technology-driven people and companies grow from good to great. Our advanced technical and leadership trainings are designed to give participants fresh insights into both their field of expertise and the impact they can have while also challenging them to take on a transdisciplinary approach. We believe that world-changing developments are realized when teams of professionals appreciate each other, challenge one another, and are willing to lend a helping hand.

We understand the challenges of systems development and the difficult road to create a successful system life cycle. Technological strength, practical experience, lessons learned, systems thinking and leadership qualities for successful teams are all essential ingredients. To support this, we develop top-flight high tech courses and work with trainers that are very active in their domain – keeping their noses to the grindstone.

A technology-driven company’s competitive edge stems from the strength of its people and the decisiveness of its development teams. To help professionals grow, High Tech Institute believes in the following philosophy and methodology, deeply embedded into all our training courses:
Transdisciplinary skills
The formula for achieving a world-changing impact is relatively straightforward: it takes a broad understanding of the adjacent disciplines and stakeholders, coupled with strong cooperation and leadership skills. When experts from multiple disciplines work together to solve problems, professional effectiveness improves substantially. It’s about looking beyond one’s boundaries and the willingness to lend a helping hand.
Learning by doing
Our courses are interactive and comprise a mix of theory, practice and team exercises. We aim to send participants back to work with the confidence to utilize their new skills and insights immediately.
In-depth and practical
Our team of teachers combines state-of-the-art academic insights with years of industrial practice.

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